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The popular Connection Centered Discipline training is a hybrid approach that’s built on the core concepts of Positive Discipline, infused with evidence-based strategies from child development, neuroscience, positive psychology, and other related fields, and woven together with child-focused positive communication and conflict resolution skills.  It focuses on helping caregivers handle the myriad of challenging behaviors that come up with kids from toddler to teen. 

Emotional Intelligence is a collection of skills that help kids manage their emotions, understand the emotions of others, and develop positive, healthy relationships.  Building kids’ skills in those three areas can transform a child’s daily life and bring peace and connection to a family and household.  In this course you’ll gain the insight and learn the tools needed to take advantage of all the moments you have as a parent or caregiver to help your child, from preschooler to teen, develop the outlook and life skills they need to be happy, healthy, and successful.  

This one-of-a-kind program will help students understand the many aspects of the family assistant job including the new combined nanny/family assistant jobs, clearly define their unique skill set (and detail how to fill in the gaps where needed), understand how to evaluate and negotiate a fair and balanced job description and contract, prepare to market themselves to agencies and parents, and offer real world skills and strategies for being successful in this position.

This in-depth training series will help you develop and hone the skills you need to be an authentic, effective communicator in all the different conversations of your life.  We’ll tackle the most common communication goals people have around one-to-one conversations.  As we unpack each goal, we’ll look at the mental and emotional barriers that keep you stuck in ineffective communication patterns, strategies for moving forward into a space that supports clear, authentic communication, and tried and true tools and techniques that act as a blueprint for successful conversations.

A unique program designed to specifically meet the unique challenges nannies face in the home work environment. The trainings are designed to teach nannies the valuable soft skills needed to successfully navigate the one-of-a-kind employment relationship and understand two of the biggest childcare issues caregivers face, sleep and sensory issues.

Join me for a series of 10 monthly live online classes that’s focused on helping nannies develop the practical skills that help nannies grow personally and professionally, giving them the insight and tools they need to be (even more) amazing in their jobs.  All the topics have come directly from the nanny community and it’s a diverse and relevant mix. 

Hi! Lora Brawley here, the creator of and trainer for Nanny Care Hub Academy.

I’m passionate about helping nannies and parents effectively navigate the search and hiring process, building long-term, positive nanny / family relationships, and improving the quality of nanny care through supporting, connecting, and training caregivers.  In my 30 years in the nanny industry, I’m proud to have earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies, intuitive guidance, and user-friendly tools for my parent and nanny clients.  I infuse all my offerings with real world skill building in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, pulling from my training and experience as a certified family mediator, conflict coach, communications trainer, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator. 

Welcome to Nanny Care Hub Academy!

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