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February 29th

We’ll talk about how to ace behavioral questions using the STAR method.  These are the questions that start with “Tell me about a time when…”  They tell the interviewer a lot about you so make sure your message is on point.

How It Works

Join Lora Brawley, job search coaching and hiring expert, for a regular job search chat at 8:00 PT and 8:00 ET, that’s 2 chat a night, every Thursday.   (This schedule will hopefully accommodate both coasts and those in between.  I’ll be tracking attendance to see if a different schedule would be more helpful.)

The chats are designed for all level of nannies and family assistants.  There will be some focused on a specific level or niche.  Stay tuned.

It’s free to attend and registration is required.  Chats will be recorded and available as course content here. The chats will be held on zoom so you can call in or join online.  Those who like the personal connection of video can join in with their webcam, however the recording will only be audio.

Each chat will be about an hour long and start off with a brief check-in, move into a 15 to 25 minute discussion on an announced topic (pulled from current participants), and wrap up with Q and A.  My goal is to create a collaborative, encouraging community of current job seekers who come together to learn new skills and strategies, get specific questions answered, and support each other during the search. 

NOTE: If there are not participants in the chat, I will close the zoom session down after15 minutes.

If you’re currently or soon-to-be looking for a job, if you want to learn new tools and techniques to raise your interviewing and negotiating skills, if you want to hear about others’ experiences and share your own, if you need a safe place to ask questions about the possibilities you’re considering and challenges you’re having, if you find input and support from your peers helpful and encouraging, then join us.  Job searching is hard and you don’t have to go it alone.

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