Working With Reputable Agencies: What To Expect, and What We’re Looking For

Co-Presented by
Kenna Hynes of Adventure Nannies

Co-Presented by Laura Kennedy of Adventure Nannies

The process of applying to a reputable agency can be daunting and frustrating. This informal Q+A session will give you a chance to chat with a recruitment coordinator and placement assistant about what they’re looking for as they reach out to candidates about jobs and what makes resumes stand out in the digital stack when selecting nannies to introduce to families. Bring your questions!

Kenna Hynes joined the Adventure Nannies team in 2018 after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in cinema arts and sciences from Columbia College Chicago. Kenna approaches challenges with a sense of creativity, patience, and optimism as she counsels candidates on moving through the placement process. Kenna is also a photographer, videographer, and musician who runs a production company called Tiny Ship Co. Kenna lives in upstate New York and frequently contributes to the local art and music scene. When she’s not in the office, Kenna enjoys engaging her adventurous side at the climbing gym.

Laura Kennedy joined Adventure Nannies in 2020 as our first international hire! Laura grew up in upstate NY and is now a permanent resident of Canada, where she has fostered 16 dogs in the past two years. She possesses a BS in hospitality and resort management and is currently pursuing a degree in Dutch from Toronto University.

Laura has 10+ years of childcare experience, working as a nanny and volunteering at a Montessori school in India. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world with her partner, hiking, healthy cooking, and volunteering with Rainbow Railroad, the Toronto Vegetarian Society, and Vote From Abroad.

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