How To Say It

How To Say It: A Resource Library For Tough Conversations

Imagine having a blueprint for tackling the tough conversations you face in your nanny job?  Having expert advice available on demand 24/7 to walk you through all the “what if” questions you need to consider, help you decide when and how to start the conversation, script out your thoughts so you present your message in a respectful, clear, professional way that encourages cooperation rather than defensiveness or rejection?  Imagine how it would add to the success of your nanny / parent relationship, how it would lessen your anxiety around unavoidable, difficult talks, how it would increase your communication IQ and help you stand out in this competitive market? 

No need to imagine. The How To Say It Resource Library is here.  I’ve created an online,  in-depth, user friendly program to provide you the foundational communication skills essential to every productive conversation and customized “how to say it” sessions that tackle the unique topics nannies face.  It’s formatted in bite-sized sessions so you can quickly and easily learn and review just what you need, whenever you need it.  Have to talk to your mom boss about job creep?  Review that session during nap time and be ready to have the conversation that night.  Need to start getting paid on the books?  Check out that session, print out the accompanying fact sheet, and be prepared to effectively make your case at your next family meeting.  Family announced they’re getting a new puppy?  Learn what other nannies commonly do, decide what’s the right path for you, and have the language needed for that delicate conversation.

How It Works
How To Say It is an online, on demand lifetime membership that starts with a foundational series of lessons that tackles effective communication overall.  Then it adds in short, user-friendly sessions focused on individual topics unique to working as a nanny.  (One to two additional topics will be added each month and you get them all with your  membership.)  This one-of-a-kind program was designed from the ground up especially for nannies and takes the guess work out of what to say and how to say it.  It’s like having a communication coach on call 24/7. 

The foundational series teaches you simple, easy-to-use communication tools and tried and true strategies for successful conversations plus gives you food for thought tidbits that help you move from an emotional, reactive position to a thoughtful, proactive position. 

Each topic session gives you a script for bringing the topic up with your employers, a plug-and-say formula that allows you to plug in specific communication tools (detailed in the foundational session) to create a customized script for that topic, and strategies for working through common objections and stumbling blocks.  

Current Individual Sessions

  1. job creep
  2. when parents ask for tasks outside the job description
  3. negotiating benefits during the interview
  4. getting out and about with kids
  5. working when grandparents are visiting
  6. moving to legal pay
  7. parent consistently getting home late
  8. getting on the same page around discipline issue
  9. one to two new sessions added each month.  Join and vote on your most wanted!

The membership also includes a private facebook discussion group where you can get support, feedback, and share your ideas and experiences. 

A Bit About Me
So this is a lot to promise and I’m guessing you’re wondering what makes me qualified to offer it?  I know I’d be asking.  I’ve worked in the nanny field for almost 30 years now, first as a nanny and family assistant and over the past decade as a trainer, consultant, and coach.  My work with nannies, employers, and agencies gives me insight into the unique challenges and different perspectives of the field.  When you add that to my training, experience, and expertise in interpersonal communication, mediation, and conflict coaching, the end result is my unique ability to help caregivers successfully navigate the nanny / parent relationship and become effective communicators in whatever situation they’re presented with. 

 Is This Program Right For You?
The program is designed to help and support nannies at all communication levels.  For those just learning communication skills, it provides the basics and shows you how to put them to work in a variety of situations. For those that already have strong communication skills, it builds on your current knowledge and teaches you the nuanced skills needed to tackle more complex conversations.  How To Say It is designed to meet you where you’re at and grow with you as you learn and develop as an effective communicator.    

This program is also valuable to agencies, recruiters, and leaders who regularly coach nannies through difficult situations. 

The How It Works Resource Library will launch on Monday, December 3rd.  Until the 2nd, you can grab your lifetime membership that includes the foundational sessions and all the current and future sessions for the pre-launch price of only $85, (a $275 value).  After that the 2018 price jumps to $195 (still a great deal!).  As the library grows, the membership price will increase.  This is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of what will be an invaluable resource in the nanny industry. 



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