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CCDNC Lesson 1

Welcome to the first lesson of the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification!

You can download the Lesson One handout here.

To view each topic’s video lesson, click on the topic title and then the video link.

You can download the Lesson 1 homework in MS Word format here or you can cut and paste it into a new document from the text below.   When it’s complete, simply email it to info@nannycarehubacademy.com.

Lesson 1 Homework

1.1 Before we jump into the nitty gritty of the training, please take a minute to introduce yourself. Tell me:
• how long you’ve worked as a nanny
• ages of kids you care for
• any particular challenges you’re having
• you’ll know this class was a success when you _____

1.2 When thinking about the core concepts of Positive Discipline, what is your initial reaction? Were you already familiar with the ideas and are you comfortable with the ideas? Are they new to you and did you feel some resistance as I described each one? Do you see how they could be helpful but confused as to how to put them into practice?

1.3 When you listened to the Asking vs. Telling exercise, how did it feel from a caregiver standpoint? How do you imagine it would feel from a child’s standpoint?

1.4 How often to you use positive language when giving commands? Do you think it would or could make a difference in how you or your child feels or the relationship you have?