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CCDNC Lesson 3

Welcome to the third lesson of the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification!

TOPICS  Lesson 3 contains 3 topics.   Click on each topic below to view those videos.

HANDOUT  You can download the Lesson 3 handout here.

HOMEWORK  Please cut and paste the homework below into a word processing document (e.g. Word), answer the questions, save it to your computer, then upload the document from your dashboard or email it to me at info@nannycarehubacademy.com.

3.1       What do adults commonly ask of kids when they’ve “flipped their lid”?

3.2       Which of the nine functions of the upstairs brain especially resonate with you?  Why?

3.3       How does understanding how the brain works change the way you think about your charge’s behavior and how does it change yours?

3.4       What are some ways you can get your kids back online once they’ve flipped their lid?

3.5       What are your stumbling blocks for handling temper tantrums in a different, more connected way?

3.6       Thinking about the dos and don’ts of handling temper tantrums, what especially appeals to you?  What do you think will be challenging to put into practice?

3.7       Give an example of a “flipping lid” situation and how you’d handle it.