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CCDNC Lesson 5

Welcome to the fifth lesson of the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification!

TOPICS  Lesson 5 contains 2 topics.   Click on the topic below to view those video.

HANDOUT  You can download the Lesson 5 handout here.

HOMEWORK  Please cut and paste the homework below into a word processing document (e.g. Word), answer the questions, save it to your computer, then upload the document from your dashboard or email it to me at info@nannycarehubacademy.com.

5.1       From your perspective, what is the difference between praise and encouragement?

5.2       How does praise effect kids?

5.3       How does encouragement effect kids?

5.4       Give an example of a situation when you normally would have used praise and how you could use encouragement instead?

5.5       How do family meetings help promote a connected relationship with kids?

5.6       What skills are you teaching when you use family meetings?

5.7       Give an example of how you’d introduce those skills to younger kids?