CCDNC Lesson 5

Welcome to the fifth lesson of the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification!

TOPICS  Lesson 5 contains 2 topics.   Click on the topic below to view those video.

HANDOUT  You can download the Lesson 5 handout here.

HOMEWORK  Please cut and paste the homework below into a word processing document (e.g. Word), answer the questions, save it to your computer, then upload the document from your dashboard or email it to me at

5.1       From your perspective, what is the difference between praise and encouragement?

5.2       How does praise effect kids?

5.3       How does encouragement effect kids?

5.4       Give an example of a situation when you normally would have used praise and how you could use encouragement instead?

5.5       How do family meetings help promote a connected relationship with kids?

5.6       What skills are you teaching when you use family meetings?

5.7       Give an example of how you’d introduce those skills to younger kids?

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