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Hop on the Bus, Gus Lesson One

Below you’ll find the information you need to access this class.  Please read through the instructions completely before starting. 

 HANDOUT   Click here to download and/or print the accompanying Power Point PDF.

 LESSON  Click here to view the video lesson.  Enter the password “leaving” without the quote to access the page.

Once you’ve finished the lesson, click the MARK COMPLETE button below.

Take note of the last stage of grief, it’s your completion password.

QUIZ  Click on the START QUIZ button to begin your quiz.  The quiz only asks for your completion password.  You wrote it down, right?

 CERTIFICATE  To receive your Certificate of Completion, simply take the quiz.    Then print out your certificate.  Your certificate will include your “nickname” as it’s listed in your profile.  If you want to make changes to your nickname, please make those before creating your certificate.  (To change your nickname, go to My Stuff on the navigation bar above, click on My Profile Page, click on Edit Profile under your profile picture and list the name you want to appear on your certificate.  Make sure you SAVE your changes. )