Level Up! Nanny Training Series

The Level Up! series is focused on helping nannies develop the practical skills they need to grow personally and professionally, giving them the insight and tools they need to be (even more) amazing in their jobs.  All the topics have come directly from the nanny community and it’s a diverse and relevant mix.  Buy classes individually or get all 10 classes for only $125!  With every series or individual class purchase, you receive lifetime access to the recording and notes.

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How to Write a Family Assistant Job Description and Contract that Protects Flexibility and Prevents Burnout

In this class, I’ll be sharing the process I use to create custom contracts for my family assistant clients.  We’ll review the basic sections that should be included in every contract and take a deep dive into customizing the sections that are unique to family assistants.  (This information is super helpful for nannies who do a few extra tasks outside the nanny-only tasks.) 

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Problem Solving and Boundary Setting with Work-From-Home-Parents

n this class, we’ll look at how to professionally and  collaboratively work with your employers to define the issues you’re facing (not just the symptoms of the issue) and your shared goals, develop a plan of action that works for both of you, and the type of follow-up needed to make sure the issues are solved for the long-term. You’ll also learn or hone boundary setting skills to give yourself the confidence and ability to ask for what you want and need and say no to what doesn’t work for you.

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“Grandma’s Here!” Working Successfully with Your Employers’ Extended Family

When you work in a private home, working with extending family is often part of the job.  However, it’s not always an easy part of the job.  In this class, we’ll look at common challenges that can come up including feeing undermined, having your well-oiled routine disrupted, being asked to “watch” elderly grandparents, and being pulled into uncomfortable family dynamics. 

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Raising the Bar on Your Career by Engaging with Your Employers as Clients

Perspective is everything.  When you think of yourself as a professional service provider, it changes the way you approach your work and engage with your nanny family.  In this class, we’ll look at ways to improve your value and marketability by changing the way you present and provide your services and communicate with your employer.

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Avoiding Burnout While Being a Top Performer

Being an exceptional nanny is hard work on all fronts.  When you consistently perform at the top of your game, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and burned out.  In this class, we’ll look at real world ways you can be proactive around caring for your physical, emotional, and mental health, setting and maintaining healthy, professional boundaries, and maintaining a work / life balance that allows you to recharge and reenergize.   

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“What should I include in my travel contract?”

Traveling is a big part of many of today’s nanny jobs.  It may seem like a straightforward trip however, there are lots of variables that need to be considered and questions that need to be answered to ensure you’re fairly treated and compensated.  In this class, we’ll review what a travel clause or contract should include and how to talk to families about it all.  

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Dealing with the Heartache of Leaving Your Kids At the End of a Job

Being a nanny isn’t like other jobs.  When it’s time to leave, you leave a piece of your heart behind.  The separation is always difficult, in some situations, it’s devastating.  In this class, we’ll walk through the grieving process and talk about ways to gently transition into your new normal.

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Dos and Don’ts of Leaving Your Job Well

Leaving a nanny job well, whether it’s your choice or your employers’, takes more than just working through your notice.  In this class, we’ll unpack professionally giving notice, getting a reference letter, supporting the kids and parents through the transition, and your role (if any) in your employers’ next hire. 

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Increasing Your Communication IQ

Effective communication is the most in demand soft skill of any professional, including nannies.  In this class, you’ll learn tried and true tools and strategies for effectively communicating with different personalities, different employer styles, and around our industry’s most common issues.

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“What’s next?” options for transitioning out of nannying

You’ve loved working as a nanny but now you’d like to put your skills to use in a different type of job.  In this class, we’ll dive into the transferable skills you’ve gained as a nanny that can help you qualify for your next position, the options that are open to you, and next steps needed for the transition.

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