mastering communication

Mastering Interpersonal Communication: Strategies and Skills for In-Home Professionals

NCS, nanny, family assistant, household manager, estate manager – no matter your role, being a confident, skilled communicator is an essential element of your success.

Are you ready to boost your marketability and job success by developing your communication know-how?

This course is unlike any other communication training out there. 

It offers progressive learning for all levels.  Whether you’re just beginning to focus on improving your communication skills or you’re honing your well-developed skill set, this course with offer you exercises and content to challenge you.  Regardless of where you start, you’ll end a more aware, confident, skilled communicator.

It teaches the best professional and personal communication strategies and skills.  You work in a professional environment in a private setting, making your workplace and employment relationship a unique hybrid.  The course content is developed around those unique challenges.

It uses self-reflection and self-discovery to help you understand and gently address your ineffective communication patterns and the underlying emotional blocks holding you back.  Self-paced exercises and challenges help you let go of what doesn’t work, opening up space for what does.

Lora Brawley, the trainer, understands the nuances of effective communication in the private service world first hand.  Her extensive experience working in private homes and her expertise in communications, conflict resolution, and mediation give her the insight and know-how needed to guide you as you build and strengthen your professional communication skills. 

In this course you’ll learn to tried and true tools and techniques that will act as a blueprint for every conversation. Your new communication toolkit will enable you to:

  • communicate effectively under pressure, in whatever circumstance you find yourself in
  • engage others in ways that foster open, respectful, collaborative communication
  • share your professional input clearly and confidently
  • set and maintain healthy professional boundaries
  • put limits around your time, energy, and responsibilities while staying responsive to your employer
  • problem solve with creativity and agility
  • frame your message to match your listener’s temperament and style
  • advocate for yourself, and in some situation, others
  • talk about difficult topics with honestly, kindness, and sensitivity
  • welcome and implement helpful feedback
  • provide honest, compassionate feedback
  • professionally navigate the power dynamic within the relationship you have with your client/principal/employer
  • tactfully and deftly communicate with difficult personalities
  • develop positive, productive relationships with other staffers and vendors
  • act as a trustworthy liaison between your employer and staff, vendors, and other 3rd parties
  • facilitate emotionally safe, productive conversations between those experiencing conflicts

Meet Your Trainer

For over 30 years, I’ve been a nanny, family assistant,  advocate, trainer, and consultant in the private service industry.  My work with in-home professionals, employers, and agencies is centered around the understanding that clear, open, effective communication is the key to a successful hire / job search and the foundation of a long-term, positive employment relationship.  I infuse all my offerings with real world skill building in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, pulling from my experience and expertise as a certified family mediator, conflict coach, communications trainer, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator.  I’m proud to say that over the years, I’ve earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies, intuitive guidance, and user-friendly tools to my clients. 

Becoming a skilled communicator doesn’t just impact the people around you, it deeply impacts you too.


When you’re able to speak out loud what you’re thinking and feeling inside, your life aligns.  Who you are on the inside matches who you are on the outside.  No more fear of speaking up, no more regret over what you did or didn’t say, no more making things worse by using the wrong approach. 

inner voice

When you become an authentic communicator, your inner voice stops being your saboteur and becomes your supporter.  The work you do in this course that allows you to set healthy boundaries, confidently share your ideas, navigate through difficult topics, and many other things helps you begin to let go of the repeating, nagging, negative voice in your head and replace it with one of support and compassion. 

happier you

Being a skilled communicator means you’re able to tackle whatever conversations make come up in your life.  Your emotional energy won’t be drained trying to avoid engaging with others.  It will be recharged building and deepening healthy relationships.  All this leads to less anxiety, fewer overwhelming situations, and more peace and happiness. 

 This course includes:

anytime registration.  You can join at any point during the course and catch up through the recorded classes.  With lifetime access, there’s no pressure to meet any deadlines.

8 live classes from January through August 2024We’ll meet on the 4rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM PT and 7:00 PM ET.   There will be two live classes each evening to accommodate both coasts. 

You have the option of attended all, some, or none of the live classes.  All classes will be recorded and available on the Friday evening following the live class.  The majority of students utilize the recorded classes for some or all courses and because of the support options, still receive a high quality training experience.

Guidebook outlining all the content contained in the class presentations.

Self-evaluations, written exercises, and individual exercises to help you evaluate your current communication proficiency, gain insight into your stumbling blocks, and create a learning path for the course.

Opportunities for customized learning through optional group and private role plays. 

Support through a private online discussion group, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, walk through insights, and practice scripting conversations.

Lifetime access to all course materials.