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Because landing that just right job doesn’t just happen.  Invest in your success today and reap the rewards for years to come.


getting the news that you just landed the job you wanted most of all.  This time, you were ready for every step of your search.  Your resume and portfolio brought to life who you are as a caregiver and the value you bring to the table.  You rocked the interviews; confidently selling yourself and asking all the right questions to make sure you only say yes to a family that offers what you need and want most in a job.  And you negotiated the most generous contract you’ve ever had. 

Move from the dream to the reality.  Are you ready to make it happen in your life?


Have you hit a wall in your career?  Are your wages and benefits stalled and you don’t know how to push through to the next level?

Do you want to get started in the nanny field but not sure where or how to start?

Do you feel like you’re not searching efficiently?  Are you wasting time and energy doing things that aren’t producing the results you need?

Are you finding what’s worked for you in the past just isn’t working anymore in this post-COVID market?  Do you need a new strategy but don’t have any idea what that should be?

Are you struggling to effectively communicate everything you bring to the table to prospective employers?  You know you’re a great employee and caregiver, you know you’re a valuable asset to the families you work with but you can’t seem to find the right words to get that message across when it counts.

Are you feeling the emotional toll that job searching takes?  You know, when you go from the high of an amazing interview to the deep disappointment of losing out on an opportunity you felt was perfect for you.  Sometimes all in a single day.

Whether you’re experiencing these challenges in you current search or you want to make sure you avoid them in your future search, Nailed It! is the skill building and coaching program for you. 

You’ll systematically tackle the job search process in a way that produces real results.  The program is designed to meet you where you’re at right now and provide the knowledge, skills, and support you need to land where you want to be.

By taking advantage of the tried and true strategies you’ll learn here, you can make more money, secure an expanded benefit package, create a contract that protects you over the long-haul, and develop the know-how you need to choose a family that truly meets your needs.

I’d worked with another career coach before I found Lora and that coach was encouraging and positive but I didn’t really see a lot of progress. So a friend recommended Lora and I decided to invest in one session with her. After that first session, I booked 2 more. Lora was so practical and smart about what I needed to do. She focused on teaching me skills I could immediately use and I started doing better in interviews right away. I ended up with 3 great job offers and have been in my current job for a year now and still love it. I know I wouldn’t have been offered this job if Lora hadn’t been my coach. She has a real knack for figuring out what you need and helping you achieve it. You’re the best, Lora!
Sarah, nanny in San Francisco, CA

sessions open March 26th
Sessions include

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Although all nannies work under the same job title, there’s a vast difference in how individual caregivers do their jobs.  You bring your own knowledge, beliefs, skills, ideas, values, and passions to the children you care for and the families you support.  That unique amalgam creates your nannying philosophy.  It’s what parents what to know the most when they’re considering you for their position because it defines the type of care you’re going to provide their child. 

To be able to use your nannying philosophy as an effective selling tool in your job search, you first have to define it and then develop a clear, impactful way of sharing it with parents.  In this session, you’ll use guided exercises and coaching to flesh out who you are, what you believe, and what type of environment you create as a caregiver.  Then you’ll develop the language to effectively communicate all of that to parents. 

Your unique philosophy is the factor that most sets you apart from other candidates.  Leveling up in this area will transform your search. 

Before you can go after that “just right for me” job, you have to have a clear picture of what that job looks like.  In this session, you’ll consider and decide on all the different factors that make up your just right job and outline your key terms in a user-friendly document that acts as an initial screening tool and a position wanted sheet.  We’ll cover…

  • compensation package: Are they offering an hourly wage and benefit package that meets my needs and reflects my value?
  • nuts and bolts: Do the schedule, responsibilities, etc. work for me or would the family end up wanting things I can’t or don’t want to provide?
  • parenting philosophy: Do they parent in a way that aligns and supports the way I nanny or would we be clashing over expectations and their discipline decisions?
  • employer style: Do they handle issues and communicate in ways that make me comfortable and support me in my role as their nanny?
  • work environment: Do they create the kind of work space I’m comfortable in and can easily do my best work in?

Stop wasting time and energy on families that don’t meet your needs and wants.  This session helps you identify and focus on the families that have real potential for being a great match.

It doesn’t matter how much you bring to the families you work for if you’re unable to clearly convey that value to potential employers. 

In this session, you’ll unpack what makes you a valuable candidate.  With the help of guided exercises and coaching, you’ll learn to clearly define and successfully spotlight what you bring to the table and how it benefits the families you work for.  All in a way that comes across as capable and confident, not conceited.

Whether you’re just starting out as a nanny or this has been your career for decades, you have a unique value to offer.   Learn how to let your light shine.

Before you get the job offer, before you land the interview, potential families will get their first impression of you from your job search documentation.  You have a very small window of opportunity to grab their attention, stand out from the competition, and begin to sell yourself as the nanny they’ve been searching for. 

In this session, you’ll learn about the different documentation options available and you’ll be expertly guided through developing the ones that will work best for your search.  We’ll cover the basics you should always include, the bells and whistles that distract rather than add to your message, the secret to bringing your documents to life through narrative, and how to use them efficiently and effectively. Plus we’ll answer the question that plagues job seekers: “When and how do I present my requirements for the job?”

The interview is the make or break part of the hiring cycle.  Both you and the family are deciding if the other is the right match.  If personalities, philosophies, values, styles, and needs align.  The interview requires you to assess the family, sell yourself, connect with the kids and parents, and do it all successfully in a relatively short period of time.  No pressure, right?

In this session, you’ll bring together all you’ve learned about your nannying philosophy, what type of job fits you best, and showcasing your value.  You’ll learn to…

  • weave the most important and impactful parts of your nannying philosophy throughout the conversation, sharing who you are as a caregiver and the type of environment you create
  • spotlight all the benefits your experience, education, and skills bring to a family in a confident, clear way.
  • accurately assess a family’s needs, even when they don’t openly share them or don’t fully recognize their needs themselves.
  • ask open-ended questions that encourage honest conversations about what the family believes, values, and prioritizes.
  • explore the parents’ parenting philosophy or help new parents define their philosophy so you can decide if it aligns with your own.
  • create your own opportunities to sell yourself if the family doesn’t ask the questions that allow you to shine.
  • accurately evaluate the position as a whole and its ability to meet your needs and wants.

The interview is where all the behind the scenes work you do in your job search comes together to propel you to success.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time nanny or have been in the industry for years and are at the top of your game, negotiating the terms you want in your nanny contract is challenging. This is where the rubber hits the road, where all the work you’ve done to get the job you want on the terms you need solidify into a comprehensive contract. 

In this session, you’ll learn…

  • tried and true techniques for introducing a contract and starting the negotiations off on the right foot.
  • the exact language you can use around common issues and how to develop personalized scripts for your unique challenges.
  • professional and effective responses to use when employers push back on your terms or offers.
  • how to craft and present a counter-offer in a way that moves the conversation forward rather than stall it
  • expert strategies to help you and your potential employer move past impasse.

Your contract terms will impact how happy and successful you are in a position time and time again.  This is the time to get it right from the start.

Meet Your Trainer

For over 30 years, I’ve been a nanny care professional, advocate, trainer, and consultant.  As the founder of Nanny Care Hub and all its offerings including the A to Z Nanny Contract, I’ve coached hundreds of nannies on how to discover and define their nannying philosophy and spotlight their value to agencies and parents.  My focus is helping them hone their job search skills so they can land a job with a quality family that provides a generous compensation package, a respectful employment relationship, and a comfortable working environment.  I’m proud to say that over the years, I’ve earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies, intuitive guidance, and user-friendly tools to my clients.  I hope you’ll join me for this one-of-a-kind intensive and get the job search results you’ve been working for. 

What's included

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User Friendly Format

Nailed It! includes 6 video lessons, each broken down and presented in short, bite sized clips along with exclusive exercises I’ve developed and use with my private coaching clients.  Everything is available to you 24/7, and you have lifetime access to all the content so you can move through the program at your own pace. 

Lifetime Access

Whether you’re looking for a job right now or not planning to begin your search for 9, 12, 18 months in the future, with your lifetime access you can jump in whenever it works best for you.  Plus you’ll be able to go back and review the material when you’re at the height of your search and need to refresh your skills.

2 Years of Coaching and Connection

The input of an expert coach and the peer-to-peer learning and support that comes from other job seekers is invaluable in your job search prep and throughout the process.  To make sure you get the support you need when you need it, you’ll have access to Volley coaching and private spaces for the next 2 years!

Volley, Video Messaging App

Volley makes it easy to have rich conversations on your own time. You can talk to me or others in the intensive 1:1, as a group, or in our private community space.  In Volley, you take turns just like any other conversation, except you record your turn with video (a volley) in a threaded conversation. This gives you the best of both worlds–the richness of talking + the flexibility of texting.  Watch the quick start guide here.

I'm in a job with a HNW family and I'm happy with my hourly wage. I went to Lora because I really needed help with my schedule and benefits. I had tried to convince my family that after 2 years working 50+ hours a week I needed a lighter schedule and more vacation. I also wanted health insurance and a housing stipend. She helped me talk about the value I brought to the family and not just in childcare. She helped me figure out what to say to their objections. It took a few conversations but I got what I asked for. They would still be saying no if Lora hadn't help me approach them in a different way.
Veronica, nanny in Chicago

Register and get…

  • training, guidance, and support from one of the top job search coaches in our industry
  • 6 sessions and exclusive exercises, all available 24/7 so you can work through the program at your own pace
  • lifetime access to all content so you can work when it’s convenient for you and review sections whenever you need to
  • 2 years of unlimited coaching through Volley
  • 2 years of connection with colleagues through Volley and a private discussion group

Get it all for only $199 until March 12th!

There are a limited number of seats available so don’t miss your chance to be part of this intensive.  

Looking for a payment plan?  Pay Pal offers multiple ways to pay over time, some as budget-friendly as $20 a month.   Look for the payment options on the payment page.

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