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right information

Parents and nannies,

don't fall victim to "I wish I'd known that before..." syndrome.

The best time to learn about industry-specific language, legal requirements, industry standards, and how it all works together is before you hire or accept a job.  (If you missed that window, don’t worry.  It’s never too late.)  This class offers expertly curated content that will help you understand the terms and issues within the employment relationship and nanny contract so you’re able to make informed decisions around what you need, want, and are comfortable agreeing to. 


introducing the FREE Nanny Care Hire Prep Class

Don’t spend endless hours sifting through countless websites looking for accurate, detailed information on the nuts and bolts of nanny care.  It’s all here.

this class includes lessons on...

nanny duties

Get the low down on exactly what nannies are responsible for included the scoop on “light housekeeping”. 


Let’s talk about a nanny’s typical daily schedule, overnights, travel, rest and meal breaks, and beyond. Plus what flexibility looks like in real world terms.


Time to unpack wages in detail: hourly vs. salary, regular and overtime rates, FLSA, stipends, sleeping hours, on call time, raises, and bonuses.


Here you’ll learn what employee and employer taxes are required, W-2 vs. 1099, and who can help with it all.


What are guaranteed hours and how do they work in everyday scenarios? What are standard benefits for all nannies and expanded benefits for upper-tier nannies?  And what about tax-free benefits?  Get all the answers in this lesson.

car use

We’ll review what you need to know to lower your liability around the nanny using their own car for work and what the nanny and parents are responsible for.


A round-up of the potential liability issues nanny employers face and suggestions for avoiding it.

best practices

Now that you have the facts, you’re ready for your next search.  Here are best practices and tips on success. 

You'll find black and white information on each topic plus expert insight into the nuances that live in the grey and are the most confusing.

Why this class?

Lora Brawley here.  Founder of Nanny Care Hub and creator of the popular A to Z Nanny Contract.  I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and I’ve spent that time steeped in the ins and outs of the nanny employment relationship; providing practical resources and advice to parents and nannies around long-term success.  Too often I see employers and caregivers struggle with their search and employment terms because they don’t have the basic knowledge needed to make the best decisions for themselves. Not because they’re happily ignorant, but because we’re an unregulated industry where there’s too much incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant information and not enough expert, comprehensive, consolidated information.   I hope this class helps fill that gap a bit.

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