Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant v.6


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Our industry has seen big changes over the last few years and the family assistant niche has expanded and changed in many ways.  The Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant course will be extensively updated for 2024, ensuring its guidance, information, and resources reflect the latest trends and needs of the role.

Some of those updates will address:

  • the differences between informal “do everything” jobs and true family assistant jobs
  • avoiding overloaded job descriptions that cannot be successfully filled by one person, saving yourself from burnout, a strained employment relationship, and inevitable failure in a job
  • working as a family assistant while providing high quality nanny care to younger children
  • family assisting on the road, when your job includes travel
  • updated and expanded information on today’s family assistant’s skill set and how to fill in the gaps or deepen your experience around the most in demand skills
  • tools and strategies for developing clear, respectful communication with your employer, no matter their personality or employer style
  • professionally setting and maintaining real world boundaries around your schedule, responsibilities, and flexibility while remaining responsive to your employer’s needs
  • skillfully navigating and managing the nuanced relationship with your employers
  • conflict resolution skills and strategies to match whatever challenges come up
  • tools and strategies for creating mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships with staff and vendors
  • working successfully in a staffed household, no matter where you are on the ladder
  • working successfully with stay-at-home or work-from-home employers, as a team player or a self-managed staffer
  • guide to self-onboarding (when it’s not provided by the employers) and creating a comprehensive housebook, setting yourself up for success from day one
  • template and step-by-step guide for developing a comprehensive, fair, and balanced family assistant contract
  • real world guidance on landing a job you enjoy, that provides the pay and benefits you need, with employers that value and respect the work you do

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