Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant

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The family assistant segment of the household staffing industry continues to grow and there’s a need for those ready to step into these positions.  This one-of-a-kind 7 session, on demand program will help you understand the many aspects of the family assistant job, clearly define your unique skill set (and detail how to fill in the gaps where needed), prepare to market yourself to agencies and parents, and offer real world skills and strategies for being successful in this position.  Get full details here.

6 reviews for Becoming a Top Notch Family Assistant

  1. Becca McCullan

    I loved being a nanny but was ready for a change. I didn’t want to enter corporate America so I thought being a family assistant might be a good fit. It was! This training will filled with all the details I needed to know to make a smart decision about my career and gave me the knowledge and resources I needed to make a successful transition. Lora took a lot of time in our calls to help me figure out how to make this job work for my smaller area. She helped me sell it to potential employers and develop a job description and contract that fit my situation. I ended up working for a couple with no kids, 2 dogs, and a busy personal and professional life. I run the house and their personal life and work with their respective executive assistants to make sure work plugs in smoothly. I’ve been asked if I miss being a nanny? I miss my kids but not the job. Here I make more money, work fewer hours, and feel excited about my work again. I know I wouldn’t have this job if it weren’t for Lora’s help. Take the class. You won’t regret it.

  2. Karen Morgan

    I took this class in the hopes of one day being able to transition from nanny to family assistant. But because of this wonderful class I actually found a fantastic nanny/family assistant position. Lora is very easy to listen to and so organized. Breaks everything down so you truly understand what she’s teaching. Because of this class I was able to know the right things to ask for in my contract as well as the right questions to ask in the interview. Thank you, Lora, for creating this and making it available to us. Worth every penny!

  3. Catherine B

    This was an amazing course. I had been doing this work I just didn’t know what to call it and how to talk about it confidently. The calls were incredibly helpful, especially being able to go over the particulars of my specific situation. Lora is an outstanding teacher, fascilitator, and coach giving us the skills and information we need to continuously improve in our roles. I can’t say enough about this class and how my work life and job search cycles have changed for the better because of this course.

  4. Ash A

    Lora’s class has been incredibly informative for me. In this industry, things can become unclear between employers and employees easily if the roles aren’t clearly spelled out. Lora talks about responsibilities, setting boundaries, expectations for both sides, and other aspects that help set up everyone for a successful relationship. My favorite part of the course is the weekly phone calls with Lora herself. That’s where I was able to get her insight on my personal situation and ideas I was exploring for my career. Lora’s personal touch and care is just another reason why I am signing up for her other programs! Thanks for your awesome class, Lora.

  5. Anne B

    This is a great class. You will learn what you need to know to become a family assistant at your own pace. The on demand lessons make it easy to fit into your schedule. The group coaching calls are the best part of the class. Lora genuinely cares about her students. She shows a sincere interest in her students learning and offers excellent support and guidance. The class has made me a better employee I feel more confident in my abilities and have a plan to improve the skills I need to work on.

  6. Trisha Marie

    Whether you’re already doing some Family Assistant work or you are totally new to the field, Lora’s series of classes will provide you with all of the information, resources, and guidance needed to secure an amazing position. I highly recommend this awesome workshop!

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