Becoming Your Own HR Rep


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One of the things that makes working as a nanny difficult is that there is no human resources department between the nanny and the employer.  No one to identify or implement industry standards or best practices, no one to advocate for employee rights or define appropriate responsibilities, no one to help negotiate fair and legal employment terms, and no one to help resolve conflicts.

I’m challenging you to become your own HR rep through this 4 class series.  To gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to navigate three key pieces of your employment: the contract, performance review, and negotiation of terms.  In each class, we’ll take a deep dive into how it all works in the real world.  You’ll gain meaningful know-how and skills that will positively impact your current and future employment.

You’ll receive lifetime access to the recordings and the detailed notes, including example scripting you can refer back to as you encounter different situations and challenges.

Part One: Contracts
Before you can effectively advocate for a contract and negotiate for what you want and need, you have to have a working knowledge of the ins, outs, and whys of a contract’s terms and policies and be able to share that information in user-friendly language with potential employers.  This class will help you do just that.  We’ll cover:

the real world protections a contract provides and why you shouldn’t go without them

how to get your needs in front of the family including:

  • getting past the common objections employers have to using a comprehensive contract
  • how to present your contract to potential employers, even those that have never worked with a contract before
  • how to present the terms you need that are missing or lacking real protection in the agency’s or lawyer’s contract being used by a family

common myths about contracts and the law and what you should know instead

understanding the nuances of terms and policies unique to the nanny industry including:

  • standard benefits for nannies at different levels
  • safety guidelines you require during working hours
  • flexible schedules with boundaries
  • guaranteed hours
  • overnight and travel stipends
  • ROTA and travel pay
  • family sick policy
  • nanny’s sick policy and COVID implications
  • leave it as you found it clause
  • breaks as outlined by Domestic Workers Bill or Rights
  • nanny using their own car for work
  • cause for termination
  • room and board deduction for live-in nannies

contract best practices for in-home professionals

Part Two: Performance Reviews
Most nannies and family assistants don’t have an official performance review which makes the raise conversation exponentially harder.  Before you ask for a raise, expanded benefits, or a change in your work environment, it’s essential that you check in with your employers around how you’re doing overall and detail your accomplishments of the past year and your goals for the next year.  (And yes, you should review them too.)

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • present the idea of a performance review
  • overcome common objections from employers
  • get fully prepared to share and accept feedback (you’ll receive a template to walk you and your employer through the process)
  • professionally make the transition from your review to a conversation focused on wanted changes in wages, benefits, contract terms, or work environment

Part Three: Negotiation
Let’s be honest; it’s hard to ask for what we want and deserve.  Especially when we feel like getting the job or keeping the peace is one the line.  However, when we don’t actively participate in negotiation, we don’t get what we want or need and we often feel forced into accepting whatever is (or isn’t) offered.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • strategies for becoming a confident negotiator, regardless of your personality type
  • ways to get the conversation started, even with the busiest or most reluctant parent
  • how to engage employers in negotiations based in collaboration (we both win) rather than conflict (I only win when you lose or vice versa)
  • the elements needed for making an appealing counteroffer
  • mediation techniques for getting past impasse
  • tips and tricks for getting to agreement

Part Four: Handling Unkept Agreements
Having a comprehensive contract is a must for any nanny care professional.  However, having a contract doesn’t guarantee that everything will always go exactly as outlined.  At some point in almost every job, your employer will fail to keep an agreement made.  It may be too frequent late nights, leaving a mess in the kitchen, or job creep.  In this class, you’ll learn

  • how to professionally react in the moment
  • strategies for uncovering the reason behind the contract fail
  • tools to respectfully and effectively address the issue and get back on track

Isn’t it time to proactively take charge of your employment?  To stop taking small steps to just get by or hoping things will just somehow work out?  Invest in yourself and your know-how now and reap the rewards for years to come.

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