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As the nights get longer, let’s get together to learn, share, and support.  I’ll be hosting a series of chats around Connection Centered Caregiving and Parenting.  We’ll be talking about how to navigate difficult behaviors and the myriad of other questions and challenges that come with loving and caring for kids.  The topics will be decided by participants and can include anything from whining to lying to social media to friendships.  (You’ll have an expansive list of ideas to vote from.)  We’ll focus on strategies and tools that are grounded in the principles of connection and respect; informed by child development, neuroscience, and positive psychology, and woven together with child-focused positive communication and conflict resolution skills.

If you want to be more proactive and intentional around the daily environment you create and the relationship you have, join others who share your goals and challenges.  There’s empowerment in connection.

You can join a chat focused on younger kids (toddlers to 2nd or 3rd grade) or a chat focused on tweens and teens.  There will be two chats a month for each age group.  (See schedule below.)  If you feel skilled in your connection based approach and want to dive deeper into your practice, there will also be a chat for advanced practitioners.

To join, you must have taken the Connection Centered Discipline course or a similar in-depth course.

Have you registered for CCD but haven’t finished it yet?  Don’t worry.  You have lifetime access to the course and can use it as a resource for topics you want to understand better.  If you haven’t taken the course, for a limited time you can register for it at a discounted price along with the chat series.

chats begin November 14th and end March 26th

younger kids: 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening at 7:30 PT and 7:30 ET

tweens and teens: 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening at 7:30 PT and 7:30 ET

advanced practitioners: 3rd Sunday evening at 5:00 PT / 8:00 ET


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