Defining Your Nannying Philosophy


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The number one question on potential employers’ minds is “Is this person the right nanny for my child?”  What they really want to know is what do you believe in, what values are important to you, how will you engage with their child, what will their child learn from you, will their child’s day be filled with love and laughing?  Even if they don’t ask the question directly, what they really want to know is what is your nannying philosophy.

Your nannying philosophy is what you do and why you do it.  It has two basic parts:

  • the daily environment you create
  • your discipline approach

We often have lots of ideas about our philosophy swirling around in our heads, the challenge is pulling those ideas together and communicating them clearly and impactfully in our profile / portfolio and during the interview.

When you register for the session, you’ll be able to download the handbook to jumpstart your thinking around your philosophy.  During the session, we’ll discuss those questions and you’ll receive input from me and other attendees on how to turn your ideas into a clear, compelling message.   Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work!

This class will be recorded however, you must attend the live session to receive the recording.  No refunds on registrations. 



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