How to Write a Family Assistant Job Description and Contract




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The family assistant job is unique in the household industry.  It’s a hybrid position that can include tasks from all the other household positions and it’s anchored in the family’s often changing needs.  The challenge with a family assistant’s job description and contract is ensuring the flexibility the family needs in the schedule and responsibilities while providing the parameters the family assistant needs to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

In this session, I’ll be sharing the process I use to create custom contracts for my family assistant clients.  We’ll review the basic sections that should be included in every contract and take a deep dive into customizing the sections that are unique to family assistants.  (This information is also super helpful for nannies who do a few extra tasks outside the nanny-only tasks.)

This session is designed for employers, employees, and agencies.  Whether you what guidance on a particular situation or you want to learn how to craft family assistant contracts in general, you’ll get the answers here.

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