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The popular e-book that helps you create your own job search portfolio.


The Nanny Job Search Portfolio

The Secret to Landing the Interview and Winning The Job

The choice is yours; are you going to take an innovative job search approach and position yourself for success or are you going to take the “business as usual” path? Nudge, nudge, I’d go with the first one.

The hard truth is that in today’s nanny job market being a great nanny just isn’t enough to get you a great job. You have to somehow get the attention of the agencies and parents that matter. And when you do, you have a small window of opportunity to convince them that you’re a candidate worth a closer look. That you have the smarts, the skills, and the commitment to be successful in the right position. That you, out of all the other qualified caregivers they’re looking at, are worth pursuing. Because before you can get that amazing job, you have to get in the door.

So how exactly do you do that? You start with a high impact job search portfolio.

A job search portfolio is a unique tool focused on selling you to top families (and the agencies who represent them) before you even step foot in the door. It creates a compelling mental picture in the parents’ minds, it connects you to them on an emotional level, it moves them to action. It not only helps you get the interview, it sets you up as one of the front runners for landing the job. Even before they meet you face-to-face your potential employers already like you, they’re already excited about what you can offer their child, they already believe you’re a great match. When you’re using a well-crafted job search portfolio the interview isn’t about convincing them you’re the best choice, it’s about confirming it.

There was great practical advice in the text of the lessons for constructing a professional-level portfolio, and for organizing the information in a way that highlighted my childcare-related strengths and experience in my various positions. I found the “Position Details” page particularly effective. The critiquing of my drafts (of the various sections) was also extremely helpful to me in making the portfolio the best I could create. I credit this portfolio with landing my current, excellent job. I was the only candidate that my boss even wanted to interview, and after I accepted the job she told me she had planned to cry if I hadn’t accepted it.
~ Janice St. Clair, career nanny, founder Boston Area Nanny Support Group

I’ve taken what I’ve learned in the past twenty years about what catches the attention of high quality agencies and families and the psychology behind why parents hire one nanny over another and brought it all together in this e-book. I walk you through the process step-by-step, showing you how to create a job search portfolio from start to finish. It includes self-paced exercises to jump start the writing process and an easy-to-follow framework for pulling it all together. I’ve also included three bonus templates that help you quickly and easily format the key elements of your portfolio. No more fighting to get the formatting just right. Simply plug in your information and you’re done.

And this approach doesn’t just work for experienced, veteran nannies. A job search portfolio is absolutely the best job search tool for first time and entry levels nannies too.


The step by step guide and exercises laid the groundwork for me to not only write a great portfolio but also to really envision the kind of position that will make me happy and fulfilled. Getting one on one honest and constructive feedback means that when I was ready to show my portfolio to potential families and agencies, I was putting my best foot forward right from the start. There are so many nannies looking for work, I know that having a specific, well organized portfolio, one that really captures my personality, sets me apart from the crowd. Having someone in your corner with so much experience and an eye for what parents are looking for is invaluable.
~ Sue Downy, 20 year nanny and owner of

I want to thank you from my heart for your SEARCH PORTFOLIO E BOOK. I just finished going through it and I am truly impressed by the quality of your work. Everything is very well organized. You are sharing tons of excellent ideas. Thank you for all the work and help you are doing to help quality Nannies to present themselves.

I created very similar portfolio years ago. Now that I am going to be in search for a new family lots of your ideas will help me to improve my portfolio.
Olivia Tornai, nanny from MA

I think my Nanny Job Search Portfolio got me my current position. I interviewed for 7 months and had good responses but my experience changed as soon as I made a Portfolio! Thank you!”

Danyel Equality Bailey, nanny from RI


Download this e-book today and get started creating your job search portfolio. It’s your time to shine.

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