Nanny Session: A to Z Guide to At-Home Parents and Nannies Successfully Working Together


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Sunday, July 9th at 3 – 5:30 PM PT / 6 – 8:30 PM ET
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During the pandemic, employers that were able to work from home did.  It was an adjustment for everyone; however, the plan was to return to work once things returned to “normal”.  Today, we’re living in a new normal with a large number of employers working from home part-time or full-time permanently. Remote work offers lots of advantages to parents; however, it can also create unique challenges within the daily environment and employment relationship.  This training was created to address the unique challenges parents and nannies face when working in the same space and provide real world strategies for developing a successful working relationship and creating an environment where everyone is comfortable.

This training offers 2 separate sessions, one for parents and one for nannies, so we have the safe space to explore how to effectively navigate common challenges including:

  • creating a workable environment when a parent doesn’t have an actual office in the home and works from a makeshift space
  • mastering the transition between parent and nanny and back again
  • keeping kids quiet enough for a parent to actually work while letting kids be kids
  • controlling kid access to “the office” when all they want is Mom or Dad
  • deciding when a parent should step in to help or let the nanny handle whatever upset or conflict is happening
  • maintaining kids’ routines, limits, and boundaries in a fluid environment
  • keeping kids calm as parents move in and out of the daily routine
  • identifying the line between helpful feedback and micromanagement
  • overcoming “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome around who’s in change and when
  • navigating the fluidity between a professional and personal relationship with your nanny / employer
  • nannies relaxing into down time rather than feeling always on
  • meshing an independent nanny style with an on-site boss

You’ll learn real world skills including how to:

  • ask the right questions during the interview process to figure out if the nanny / job is the right match for you
  • discuss and define roles, expectations, and guidelines for successfully working together
  • set clear boundaries that work for the parents, nanny, and kids
  • proactively tackle problems in a positive, collaborative way that supports the parent / nanny team
  • develop action plans so you’re ready to tackle whatever comes up
  • provide and utilize feedback to keep your working relationship responsive and running smoothly

This 2 ½ hour training comes with:

  • a detailed guide to help you discuss the many issues that come up for an at-home parent and nanny team
  • a template for those that want to capture agreements, guidelines, and action steps in writing
  • a check-in form to help you regularly review what’s working and what needs attention
  • lifetime access to recording and presentation notes
  • private group for follow-up discussion
  • certificate of completion (great addition to your nanny search / job search documentation!)


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