Problem Solving and Boundary Setting with Work-From-Home-Parents


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When working with work-from-home parents, communication is the key to success.  In this class we’ll focus on two of the most important elements of effective communication in this environment: problem-solving and boundary setting.  We’ll look at how to professionally and collaboratively work with your employers to define the issues you’re facing (not just the symptoms of the issue) and your shared goals, develop a plan of action that works for both of you, and the type of follow-up needed to make sure the issues are solved for the long-term.  You’ll also learn or hone boundary setting skills to give yourself the confidence and ability to ask for what you want and need and say no to what doesn’t work for you.

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Thank you to Your Happy Nest for sponsoring this class.  Their generous support allows Nanny Care Hub to offer discounted and free trainings.  If you’re looking for a pro-nanny agency to represent you in your next job search in Charleston, Atlanta, or Charlette, check them out.

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